Welcome to #Txed

#Txed chatted on August 15, 2012 about useful resources and reasons why twitter should be used in the classroom and the school. Check out the archive for all the great ideas given by educators from around the state. Look here for next week!

#Txed will also be hosting a special chat session on August 24, 2012 at 10:30am during several districts' back to school inservice. This will be a landmark event. Be sure not to miss it!

Old #Txed News and Topics

#Txed chatted this past week (08/08/2012) about setting and communicating expectations for stakeholders. Stay tuned for this Wednesday's topic!

The #Txed chat for June 6, 2012 will be over interventions for students. Troy Mooney, one of the #Txed chat moderators, has a great blog post regarding this. Check out Troy's blogs and the other resources at Texas Principal.

Discussion topics will cover:
1. How does your school provide prescriptive intervention?
2. How do you structure your school day to support student intervention?
3. How do you monitor the success of your intervention programs?
4. What are you planning to do next year for student intervention, why do you think that will work?

#Txed chatted this week on Wednesday 20, 2012 about the Interview Process. We had new tweeps join the conversation, and contributions to the learning experience and PLNs was outstanding! Sorry for the lack of updates to the topic for this week. As soon as topic for next week is scheduled, I will immediately post it and guiding questions. Join us at 8:30 CST next week for another exciting chat!

#Txed will be chatting live on Wednesday, June 13, 2012 at 8:30pm from #tassp2012 in the Starbucks at the Hilton downtown. We are honored to have TASSP officers and a state representative candidate join us as honored guests. This week's topic comes in a timely manner as many new and veteran principals come together in Austin, Texas to professionally growth together at the TASSP Summer Workshop. We will be discussing the importance of networking and growing your professional learning network (PLN). One of the moderators, @tra_hall, will be discussing @keithferrazi's book Never Eat Alone and Tra's blog post of the same title as we reflect on the first day of the workshop.So if you're looking to learn more about connecting and building a PLN or if you want to add more engaged educators to your already budding PLN, we hope you join us!

Discussion topics will cover:
1. What is the mindset of connection?
2. What is the skill set of connection?
3. How do you build your brand/give back?

This week's (June 6, 20120) #txed chat should start hitting on ways that we can encourage students, community, faculty and staff to be cognizant digital citizens and aware of the world around them. (Especially as we head into #txlege voting and session.) Two #txed chatters, @jennifermiller9 and @mrwaitsclass, suggested the topic for June 6th - digital citizenship and how to maximize student learning experience inside (and outside) the classroom.The New York Times discusses divides seen in our digital natives in a short piec.

Discussion topics will cover:
1. How is media literacy supported and modeled during professional development?
2. How can schools ensure a rich academic mobile learning experience ?
3. How can schools support parents and foster appropriate uses of mobile learning technologies?

We're looking forward to discussing ways in which we can move the learning experience beyond the classroom walls and into the lives of all stakeholders in education.

Join us on Wednesday, May 30, 2012 at 8:30 CST to discuss the newly released STAAR/EOC raw data results that schools across Texas have received. Be sure to check out TEA's Performance standards for STAAR to be phased in. You can always check out @Txprincipalorg's cache of documents for STAAR communication.

Discussion topics will cover:
1. What are you doing with the 3-8 STAAR Results you have received so far?
2. Discuss your total process for summer interventions for 9th EOC scores?
3. Share your communication plans for results of STAAR and EOC to all stakeholders (Staff, parents, students)

The inaugural #txed chat will take place Wednesday, May 23, 2012 at 8:30 CST. The first topic of discussion, suggested by @TroyMooney will be covering Dan Patrick's interview with Texas Tribune which called for examining the 12th grade. The interview can be found here: Dan Patrick on Education.

Discussion questions will cover:
1. How do we rate the effectiveness of our current structure for 12th grade in Texas schools and why?
2. What are suitable options for students in lieu of traditional 12th grade?
3. What are some obstacles for reforming the way 12th grade is currently structured in Texas Schools?

Your co-moderators for Wednesday's chat will be Troy Mooney and Tra Hall. We look forward to hearing your ideas and discussing and collaborating with you.